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    General Feature and Amenities


    General Features :

    Superior quality passenger lift LG Korea/ China/foreign origin (number of lift/s and passenger capacity will be as per requirement of the specific project.)
    Standby generator of required capacity for operation of the lifts, water pumps, lighting in common areas and two light and one fan point in every apartment in case of power failure.
    Concealed electric, telephone, internet, intercom, gas and water supply lines.
    Hand set intercom connection with reception/ guardroom.
    AC provision for master bed/ other rooms.
    Best quality electric wire (Eastern/ BRB/ Paradise) and other materials.
    Secured car parking spaces.
    Structural design to withstand wind velocity of 200km per hour and earth quacks up to 7.5 Richter scale. 
    Structural design parameters based on American Standards of Testing Materials codes

    Major Structural Material:

    Steel: Deformed bar (40/ 60 grade) manufactured by Bangladesh Steel & Re-Rolling mills Ltd. (BSRM)/ Rahim steel Mills Ltd./ Abul Khair/ Karim Steel Re-rolling Mlls Ltd./ Eastern Steel Mills ltd.
    Cement : Manufactured by Scan/ holcim/ Cemex/ seven Circle Cement Bangladesh Ltd.
    Aggregates : Stone chips/ brick chips for all columns, beams, roof and foundations.
    Bricks : First class bricks.
    Sand : 2.5 FM coarse sand for concrete.

    Building Entrance:

    A heavy secured decorative MS gate of the complex.
    Comfortable driveway.
    Mail box for the building
    Guard post and proper arrangement to control incoming and outgoing people, vehicle, goods etc.

    Reception Lobby :
    Reception desk with intercom set.
    Tiles floor in reception area and stylish register desk.
    Intercom connection from every apartment.
    Security guard room and drivers waiting area with common toilet and bath.

    Lift lobbies and Staircase:
    Spacious lift lobby in each floor.
    Floor tiles in all lift lobbies and stair cases with proper lighting system.

    Stair case in tiles with easy hand stair case railing.

    Doors :
    Decorative main entrance door with Shegun/ mehgoni/ Gamari wood with door chain, apartment number, check viwer and safety lock.
    Imported PVC plastic doors in all bathrooms.
    Mehgoni frams and French polish flash door with mortise lock for internal rooms and kitchen.

    Windows :
    All windows are sliding with aluminuim section and glass and standard safety grills.


    Room finishes :
    Best quality local homogeneous tiles in floor (C.B.C/ Fu- Wang/ RAK/ Modhumoti/ Great Wall etc.)

    Plastic paint/ distemper in all internal walls and ceiling of soft colors.

    Walls & Partitions :
    Internal and external walls of 5 inches thick bricks.
    Wall surfaces of smooth finished plaster.

    Electrical Features :
    Best quality wires (Eastern Cable/ BRB/ Paradise etc.).
    Good quality MK switches and sockets.
    Separate electric distribution box for each apartment and circuit breaker (Siemens/ MK).
    Concealed intercom and internet line.

    Concealed satellite TV cable in the living and master bedroom.


    Kitchen Features :
    Double burner gas point over tiles topped platforms.
    One high polish stainless single try sink.


    Bathroom Features :
    Soft color sanitary wares in all bathrooms.
    B.I.S.F./ RAK/ China Bangla etc. homogeneous floor tiles and glazy tiles upto 7 feet wall for bathrooms.
    Best quality bathroom fittings with manufacturer’s warranty (Sharif/ Nazma/ Sattar etc.)
    Mirror in bathrooms with overhead lamps.
    Shower heads, towel rail, soap cases and tissue paper holder (Sharif/ Nazma/ Sattar etc.).

    Other Features :
    Roof top with protective papapet wall.
    Gas pipe line connection from Titas Gas distribution system (as per government rule).

    Water supply connection from WASA. Car Parking on extra Payment.

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